Why is Self-Rewiring better than other therapies?

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There are several reasons why we believe that Self-Rewiring is better than other therapies.

Here are the three biggest reasons.

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1. Your body “talks”

Therapists use their own opinions and theories, which often fall out of fashion and are abandoned. Experiments show that talk-therapy stops helping after 4 to 7 sessions, and that qualified therapists are no more helpful than anyone just pretending to be a therapist.

Self-Rewiring does not use popular opinions or psychological theories. Instead, it uses your body’s own instinctive reactions to guide sessions. As they say, “the body doesn’t lie.”

This makes Self-Rewiring very accurate and quick. It’s possible to have a deep and meaningful session in just a few minutes, whereas you may need hours and hours of normal talk-therapy to see the same benefits.

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2. Many techniques combined

Most therapies are based around just one or two main techniques. For example:

  • EMDR moves the eyes
  • EFT taps the skin
  • NLP works with phrases you say to yourself

All of these things, by themselves, are good, but why stick to just one thing?

The creators of Self-Rewiring examined published research on every kind of emotional therapy in the world to find what works and what doesn’t. Then, they added together all the effective ideas to create Self-Rewiring.

Yes, Self-Rewiring is a combination of the best approaches available.

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3. It’s practical

Self-Rewiring is far more practical than other therapies.

Other therapies usually...

  • Cost a lot of money
  • Requires appointments to be booked
  • Requires transport
  • Takes months or years to work
  • Causes distress

So other therapies are often expensive, time-consuming, slow, and painful.

However, Self-Rewiring works completely differently.

  • It’s available for no charge
  • You do it at home, upon yourself
  • You are guided by the session software at this website
  • Works quite quickly
  • Usually feels gentle

And unlike talk-therapies which require years of expensive schooling to learn, anyone can master Self-Rewiring by completing the free tutorial.

How does it compare to EMDR, EFT, or NLP?

Such therapies do work, and we use similar ideas in Self-Rewiring. However, the reason we created our own therapy (instead of just doing those) is because we wanted to combine effective ideas and improve upon them.

A better choice

These were only three reasons why Self-Rewiring is a better choice than traditional therapy, yet we could have mentioned many more.

Sure, some other therapies work, but Self-Rewiring takes the best of what they do and combines it all together. Also, you gain several practical advantages, as it costs nothing, and is far more convenient.

Why not learn how to do it?

Some other advantages

  • Self-Rewiring is frequently improved and updated to reflect the latest research.
  • Your sessions are guided by online software. So you are never stuck or unsure what to do.
  • Your sessions are performed securely and secretly online, encrypted to the highest standards.