Achieving your goals

You may need to do a lot of sessions to remove all the emotional blocks stopping you from growing out of your issues. It may take many weeks, months, or even years.

How can you stay motivated? Here are some suggestions.

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How to keep motivated

1. Get another person to help

While this is a self-therapy, others can help you! For example:

  • Ask a trusted friend to watch your sessions.
  • If a trusted friend also does Self-Rewiring sessions upon themselves, you can watch each other performing sessions.
  • Talk about your own personal progress.

2. Regularly log-in to see your old session notes.

Not in the mood for a session? No problem. Just log-in to look at your one-line session summaries. It’ll remind you of the progress you’ve already made, and encourage you to make more. So please keep this website in your favourites, or even better, on the home screen of your mobile phone.

3. Regularly add new planned sessions.

Do you have no time for a session, but something is bothering you? No problem. Log in and immediately add the event, person, situation, or personality trait that is bothering you to your list of planned sessions.

4. Tell others about Self-Rewiring.

Especially tell those interested in therapy, self-help, or self-improvement. Avoid negative comparisons with other therapies, and instead mention the good points about Self-Rewiring, such as it’s convenience, effectiveness, and that it is available at no cost. This will help motivate you to continue doing your own sessions.

The physical effects

Self-Rewiring can also affect your physical body. Let me tell you what to expect.

1. Sleep: You may need more sleep than usual. Why? Your brain might need to process what has come up in your sessions, and readjust how it feels and views matters. Interestingly, researchers say that the brain undergoes repair at night.

2. Sensations: Some people experience physical sensations during sessions, such as sharp pains, shudders, and tingling. It’s like the “butterflies in the stomach” commonly felt during anxiety. The cause is muscles tensing and relaxing, and changes in blood flow triggered by your body going in and out of ‘fight or flight’ mode while you consider stressful thoughts or events in your sessions. Such sensations usually don’t last very long.

Thank you

Well done and thank you for learning Self-Rewiring.

As you rewire each negative influence on your life, you will gradually grow out of your emotional issues. You may begin to see changes within just a few weeks.

If you are a registered user, this website will e-mail you automatically on the 1st of every month to remind you to keep doing sessions.

If you ever need help with your sessions, please see:

If your question remains unanswered, please contact us.

Thank you again.

— The Self-Rewiring Team

Tutorial review

  • Self-Rewiring helps you remove emotional blocks to naturally growing out of emotional issues.
  • You perform sessions online at our session page, guided by the finger-testing instinct.
  • Finger-testing can only reveal what your body feels, believes, or is willing to believe.
  • Plan ahead by adding all negative events, individuals, situations, and personality traits to your list of planned sessions.
  • Use tags to track what personal issues you think each session is about.
  • Get other people involved to help keep you motivated and to keep doing sessions.