Using tags

Do you like to keep things tidy and organised? If so, can you organise your sessions? Yes, with tags!

What are tags?

Tags are just labels you can attach to a session. They look like this:

Family Colleagues Identity

You can create tags on any topic you want, and give them different colours. You can add more than one tag to a session. Because tags are personal to you, obviously you must be logged in to use them.

Keeping things tidy

Let’s say that you were bullied in school. If so, you may perform sessions on each bully, sessions on specific events when you were bullied, the on-going bullying situation, and a personality trait that prevented you from fighting back. However, in between you may be doing sessions on other things too!

To stop your account becoming messy, you can “tag” those sessions with a tag like this: Bullying .

How to create tags

There are two places you can create tags:

  • On the session page when you start a session
  • On your preferences page

You can see your preferences page by clicking the link at the top of all pages (when you’re logged in), and your tags are the first thing listed.

Here’s what Mark’s tags looks like:


‘Tag’ your sessions to help organise them.

Tag name
Family members
School memories
Panic attacks
Scary situations

You can only delete one tag at a time. Deleting a tag will not delete any sessions. Deleting and merging cannot be undone.

Create a new tag

Examples of tags: Childhood, School, Parents, Abuse, Work, Adolescence, Bullying, Family. Learn more.

As you can see, Mark has been doing on sessions various aspects of life, from family members to panic attacks. Tagging his sessions helps him to easily and quickly see how many sessions he has done on certain influences and problems.

On the “My sessions” page, a filtering drop-down box allows him to just look at the sessions with a particular tag. So if he wants to see all his sessions about panic attacks, for example, he can easily do so.

What’s next

The next chapter is the last one! I’ll give you some advice to help you achieve your goals.

Chapter review

  • Tags are optional labels that can be applied to a session.
  • You can create them when starting a session or from your preferences page.
  • They help you to organise your sessions.