Planning sessions

Well done on your first session. You’ll get better and better and better with more practice! Now let me tell you the best way to use this therapy.

Blocks that stop you growing out of emotional problems. Specific events:
    Past insults, traumas, or any memory that will not go away. Some events may be forgotten but still influence you. Individuals:
    The influence of a person, particularly a toxic person or someone displaying toxic traits. Situations:
    Something that is still on-going or was on-going for a long time. It can be the situation at home, school, or somewhere else. My personality:
    Your innate personality, partly genetic in origin, may make it more difficult to cope with various situations in life.

The best way

The best way of using Self-Rewiring is to perform sessions on...

  • Past events (negative and specific)
  • Individuals (especially toxic people)
  • Situations (on-going or from the past)
  • Personality traits (that are harming you)

You may remember this from chapter 2.2, Choosing your subject. Click the diagram here for a reminder.

However, bad memories, for example, only come up in your mind occasionally. What if you forget them and never rewire them?

Here’s a solution.

Every negative influence on your life

Immediately after logging in, you’ll see your “My sessions” page. At the top is your “My planned sessions” list. You can add as many sessions as you like to this list by using the small form at the bottom, and the button “ Add planned session”.

Your list should include every negative influence on your life that bothers you, every event, person, situation, or personality trait. Make sure it include subjects from childhood and adolescence in addition to things from adulthood. Events, situations, and people from your early years have a much greater impact than those from recent times.

Some subjects should be things that come up in your mind over and over again, and bother you regularly. Others will be large traumatic events from your past that must, reasonably, have an influence on you – even if you don’t think about them often.

Here’s an example list:

Added Kind Subject
2-Jun-2019A specific eventWhen the kids called me fat
18-Jun-2019An individualMom
18-Jun-2019A situationBullying at school
21-Jun-2019A specific eventKicked out of home
YesterdayMy personalityMy emotional awareness
YesterdayAn individualDad
10:42A specific eventWhen I was made to sit on the floor
13:50A specific eventTold off by the teacher

Do you notice how some of listed things seem quite small? Yes, even receiving a single hurtful comment from someone many years ago can deeply hurt you for a long time.

Other things listed are more long-term and serious. Ironically, long-term situations are commonly overlooked. Why? Because negative situations, especially when growing up, may be considered ‘normal’. You may not realise the negative effects that such situations have upon you.

You’ll also notice that “Mom” and “Dad” are listed. There are no perfect parents, so there is always something to rewire about them.

“Pulling the strings”

Negative influences from the past affect your day-to-day life – even if you don’t realise it.

They sit in your brain and pull you in different directions, like the way a marrionette is controlled by pulling its strings. Your personality, your hopes, your fears, your ambitions, are all influenced by them.

Each time you rewire one of these influences, it’s like a string being cut.

The more strings that are cut, the more free you are to “grow out of” your emotional issues.

Remember, growing out of your issues naturally is the goal of Self-Rewiring.

Another new habit

Please develop this habit: whenever you remember a bad past event, individual, or situation, log in to your Self-Rewiring account as soon as possible and add it as a planned session.

Eventually your list of planned sessions will become a long list of every negative influence on your life. Then, over the next few months you can perform sessions on all your negative influences, cutting those “strings”.

Your will gradually begin to “grow out of” your emotional issues as the negative influences will no longer hold you back.

Test for the best

A long list of planned sessions is very useful. You can test your long list to see which subject your body wants to rewire. That way your body can choose the very best subject rather than just whatever happens to be in mind on that day.

Your body may surprise you!

What’s next

A great optional feature on our website is tags. I’ll tell you about them next.

Chapter review

  • The best way to perform Self-Rewiring is to plan sessions in advance.
  • Your planned sessions list should become a list of every negative influence on your life.
  • Whenever you remember a negative influence, log in to your account and add it as a planned session.