Perform your first session

Are you ready to try a real session? Your first session can be very easy, if you allow it to be!

Everyone has a rusty start

Most people feel stressed when the time arrives to do their first session. If this is you too, please realise that there is no reason to be stressed at all. This is not a test or an exam. This is not the end of your training, this is just the beginning!


Have you ever started to learn a musical instrument, or tried to paint or draw something for the first time? How good were you? All of us were terrible! Everyone is terrible when they first start something.

When Motzart, as a young boy, first touched a harpsichord, he likely produced an incoherent mess of sound. Van Gogh’s first attempt at painting was probably an ugly disaster. When Einstein first saw mathematics, he wouldn’t have known how to add up.

It’s the same story with you, and everybody else, who tries Self-Rewiring for the first time. You’re about to do your first session, and it will be a bit of a mess; but that’s all right!

  • Feel free to get things wrong.
  • Feel free to muddle up and start again.
  • Feel free to take ages to do anything.
  • Feel free to deliberately keep it short, if you want.

Eventually, you’ll be a Self-Rewiring pro, with dozens and dozens of successful sessions under your belt. Today, though, on day one, you’re just going to have some fun. In time, you’ll learn the ropes, and you’ll quickly get better and better.

Your first session should be a bit of fun

Yes, please view your first session as a fun experiment. It’s not a super-important event that must go smoothly. As I said, this is not an exam or a graduation ceremony. Forget that! Your first session should be a fun experiment. A bit of a laugh. Don’t take it too seriously!

If any feelings come up that you feel are important and you want to explore more, well, don’t worry – your body will bring them up again in a future session – whether you want it to or not!

Indeed, if your body happens to bring up words or memories that you find too stressful, just agree with yourself to change the subject for now, and deal with that at another time. You can even restart your session from the beginning.

Young woman on her iPad.

Session checklist

Peace and quiet
A glass of water

If you don’t have all these things the session can still work, but it will be easier if you do have them.

Don’t have high expectations

Not all Self-Rewiring sessions reveal new information.

Your session may reveal no information that’s new to you! But that’s okay. Not all Self-Rewiring sessions have to be spectacular. Sometimes healing is a boring, straight-forward procedure.

Not all Self-Rewiring sessions make sense.

Sometimes the words and techniques chosen by your body seem to make no sense at all. But that’s okay.

People who have tried other therapies often think they must ‘make sense’ of everything that their body reveals. You can try this if you want, but don’t get confused and worry about it. Many times, a confusing session only makes sense a few days later, or after doing another session on the same subject. Or you may never make sense of it.

Your Finger-Testing may stop working.

Even people who have been doing Self-Rewiring for years have their fingers stop responding at times. It will happen to you, too, because it happens to all of us. It’s normal.

When it happens, take a deep breath, relax, and try again. Remember the suggestions in the previous chapter. There is also nothing wrong with stopping your session for now, and going through the Finger-Testing training again. Doing the Finger-Testing exercises a second time is much easier and quicker than the first time.

Save your sessions online


If you register and log in to this website, you can save your session notes in your online account. This means you can stop a session half-way, save it, and come back to it later.

When you log in you see a list of all your past sessions and your one-line summaries. Yes, you can see your progress over time. You can even plan future sessions!

If you haven’t done so already, register with this website.

Enjoy your first session

We hope this first session will be the first of many. Have fun. Learn. Enjoy yourself. And don’t take it too seriously.

Try out a session

Please go to the session page and start your first session. Don’t worry if you get confused or muddled up. Just take a break, or even start again from scratch.

Remember, if you have any problems with the Finger-Testing, you can go through the Finger-Testing training again.

What’s next

In the next chapter I’ll show you the best way to perform Self-Rewiring: by planning your sessions in advance.

Chapter review

  • Your first session is a bit of fun, not an exam or graduation.
  • Feel free to take your time and get things wrong.
  • Don’t have high expectations – this is like your first time painting, or playing a musical instrument – it’ll be a bit of a mess!