Something else

What can your body do if it doesn’t need a technique or a list? This chapter will answer that.

When nothing is quite right

Sometimes, nothing in Self-Rewiring is quite what your body wants.

Our therapy is pretty comprehensive. All of the options, techniques, and lists, have been carefully designed and tested for many years to make sure they cover as much as possible. However, we can’t cover every situation.

Our ‘catch all’

So, in Self-Rewiring there is a ‘catch all’ option, called Something else. It’s listed on the last row of the What Do I Need Now? menu:

Here it is:

Something else

What’s this?

This means you need something that isn’t a technique in Self-Rewiring. Keep it to something reasonable which won’t harm or endanger yourself or anyone else. Alternatively, it may mean you’ve forgotten what options are in the therapy, and you need to remind yourself.

Do what?

  1. Think of what you want or need to do. Here are some common ideas (test this if you want):
    • Drink some water
    • Take a deep breath
    • Work out where I am in my session
    • Add a note or say something
    • Rest or stretch
    • Remind myself of the options in the therapy
  1. When you have something, test, “Reveal if this is correct: Yes, No, Maybe.” If correct, type it:

Do it

  1. Do whatever it is you need to do.

The Something else option is just this single screen. There’s nothing more to it than what you see above.

It has some suggestions of what you might want, but what you need might pop into your head. Or perhaps, if you know another therapy, your body wants you to go away and do something from that therapy before coming back to your Self-Rewiring session.

After many years of using Something else, I’m confident that the things listed above are the most common.


Why might I choose “Something else”?

One of the most common reasons people’s bodies select ‘Something else’ is because they just need to rest for a moment, and take a breather before carrying on.

Sometimes you’re just thirsty and need some water.

Sometimes you just need a deep breath and a good stretch.

Sessions can often be very fast-paced, and sometimes you just need to pause for a moment.

How often is this used?

Not often. It is most likely to be chosen by people new to Self-Rewiring. Why?

Because your body just can’t remember what the other options in the therapy are!

If this is the case with you, ask your body if that is so: “Reveal if I just need to remind myself of the therapy: Yes, No, Maybe.” If “Yes” or “Maybe”, click “Done”, and then just click around the session page until you think you’ve reminded yourself of what is what. Then try again.

What’s next

Now, “all good things must come to an end”, and in the next chapter I’ll show you how to end a session. Afterwards, I’ll show you what a full session looks like from beginning to end.

Chapter review

  • Something else is there for those times when nothing in Self-Rewiring is what you need.
  • Usually it’s just to take a stretch, a breather, or to remind yourself of the options in the therapy.
  • You’re more likely to choose this when you’re first learning because you can’t remember what else is in the therapy.

Take a look

Please go to the session page and open up the Something else option and play with it.

Please read it over, familiarise yourself with it, and pretend to complete it.