Choosing your subject

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to choose the best subject for your sessions.

What should you choose?

In most therapies, you choose a personal problem that’s bothering you and try to change it. For example, “money”, “my addiction”, “motivation”, and so on.

Is that the best way?

No it’s not. There is a better way.

Don’t attack the problem itself!

The quickest, easiest, and best way to treat an emotional problem is not to attack the problem directly. Instead we attack the reasons why you haven’t grown out of it or overcome it naturally.

The human mind is great at “getting over” problems and mistakes. You can “overcome” or “grow out of” all sorts of problems. Most people will naturally grow out of all kinds of fears, anxieties, obsessions, and other problems with time. A problem that seemed huge at age 16 may seem trival by the time you’re age 60.

The real problem is that we have blocks that stop us from growing out of our emotional problems. Self-Rewiring works best when used to remove the blocks to growing out of problems naturally.

Once the blocks are removed you will gradually and naturally grow out of your emotional problems in your own way and at your own pace. Your brain knows how to grow out of a problem better than anyone else, better than any therapy or therapist.

That’s the correct way to use Self-Rewiring. Attack the blocks to healing, not the problems themselves.

What are these ‘blocks’?

The four types of blocks

Blocks that stop you growing out of emotional problems. Specific events:
Past insults, traumas, or any memory that will not go away. Some events may be forgotten but still influence you. Individuals:
The influence of a person, particularly a toxic person or someone displaying toxic traits. Situations:
Something that is still on-going or was on-going for a long time. It can be the situation at home, school, or somewhere else. My personality:
Your innate personality, partly genetic in origin, may make it more difficult to cope with various situations in life.

If you wish to reduce or remove a particular problem, you must ask your body what blocks are stopping you from growing out of it. You then perform Self-Rewiring sessions on those blocks:

  • Events
  • Individuals
  • Situations
  • Personality traits

Then as you rewire more and more of the blocks, you will gradually grow out of that emotional problem naturally.

Other emotional problems may begin to reduce or disappear too if they also happen to be held back by the same blocks. Yes, you will treat other emotional issues “for free”!

Let’s look at the blocks more closely:

1. Specific events

Bad memories of specific past events are very common blocks to growing out of problems.

It is especially ones that play on your mind, that you go over and over again in your head, and that you cannot forget – even after many years.

It could be a memory of being insulted, bullied, embarrassed, betrayed, scared, or something else. Generally, after just one or two sessions a specific past memory is mostly forgotten. It may no longer act as a block to progress.

Of course, some very traumatic past events may require many sessions before they stop being a block. Everyone is different.

2. Individuals

Individual persons can cause blocks to healing, especially toxic people and people displaying toxic traits. Often it’s parents, but it can also be friends, acquaintences, teachers, schoolmates, work colleagues, or anyone else.

These are people who treat you badly in some way. In Self-Rewiring we don’t use psychological jargon, but normally these traits would be classed as symptoms of various kinds of personality disorders, ranging from very mild symptoms all the way up to those of a psychopath.

To remove the blocks created by these toxic persons, perform Self-Rewiring sessions specifically on them.

3. Situations

Situations are negative events that went on for a long time. For example, if you hated being in school, this would not be a “specific event” because it continued for many years. Instead we would call such things “siutuations”.

To remove the blocks from long-term situations, perform Self-Rewiring sessions on those situations.

4. My personality

Sometimes your natural personality conflicts with your surroundings. For example, if you are a quiet and reserved person, growing up around loud and aggressive brothers or sisters would cause problems.

This means that blocks to healing can be created by the needs of your own personality.

To remove these blocks, perform Self-Rewiring sessions on the parts of your personality that have added to your sufferring. This is not, necessarily, to change them. No, it’s to remove any emotional stress surrounding these personality traits. There may be nothing wrong with the personality trait itself, just with how other people reacted to it.

You can rewire any personality trait you want, but we also have a helpful list of suggested personality traits which we developed from brain research.

To sum up...

Perform sessions on whatever events, people, situations, or personality traits that:

  • Hurt you now, or
  • Hurt you in the past

Try it

Please pick a personal issue and pretend you’re about to do a session.

Say, “Reveal what to rewire...” and test each item on the list below:

  1. A specific event
  2. An individual
  3. A situation
  4. My personality

What did your body choose? Was it what you expected?

When I tried it...

When I did this, my body chose two: “A specific event” and “An individual”. To narrow it down to just one, I tested them both again and my body picked “A specific event”.

Knowing that it’s a specific event, I stopped and thought about what event it could be. I have been thinking a lot about something that happened many years ago that has bothered me ever since. So I asked my body if that’s the correct event to rewire. I tested, “Reveal if it’s that: Yes, No, Maybe”, and my body responded on “Yes”.

What’s next

In the next chapter, we’ll begin looking at each feature of a session, starting with “Look at my past”.

Chapter review

  • Don’t perform sessions on problems directly.
  • Rewire negative past events, individuals, situations, and personality traits.
  • When these are rewired, you will begin to heal naturally.