How sessions work

Welcome to Part Two of our tutorial. You’ll finally begin to learn how to do therapy sessions.

You must know Finger-Testing

Hopefully you’ve now more-or-less “got” Finger Testing. In the previous chapters you learned it and practiced it with me. If you haven’t learned it yet, go back and go through those chapters. Otherwise, none of this will make sense!

Self-Rewiring is a world first

Self-Rewiring therapy is done entirely online, at the session page on this website. You can’t do Self-Rewiring therapy without this website.

It was probably the first therapy in the world to be entirely online. It was certainly the first therapy guided by a combination of your body’s reactions and software!

This therapy has many advantages over more traditional ones:

  • No money? Our therapy is provided without charge.
  • Is it 3am on Christmas day? Our website is always online.
  • Stuck? Our software tells you what to do next.
  • Want to record your progress? Our software writes and saves your notes for you.

Are you ready to learn it? Then let’s dive in.

Starting a session

To start a session, you come to this website and click on the “ Session” tab at the top of the page.

When you start a session, the first thing you see is this:


Do you know how to test?

This is where we perform Self-Rewiring therapy sessions, but to perform a session you must first know how to finger-test.

Do you know Finger-Testing, and how to perform sessions?

Obviously you will click “Yes I do”.

Next it shows you this:

Not logged in

Do you want to log in first?

The session you perform cannot be saved without logging in first.

Yes, it’s asking you to log in first. Why? If you log in, you could save your session.

However, we’re going to cover this later in the tutorial. So for now, let’s click “No, just continue”.

From now on in the session, you will be presented with different questions and choices – but you don’t answer these questions consciously. You use Finger-Testing to “ask” your body for the answer instead!

Choosing the subject

Now we’ve got past that, you can choose your session subject.

Here is what is shown:

Your subject


  1. Test, “Reveal what to rewire: A specific event, An individual, A situation, or My personality.”
  1. Think of a troubling past event, especially one that bothers you repeatedly.
  2. Test, “Reveal, is this what I should work on: Yes, No, Maybe.”
  3. If Yes, write it below. If “No”, think of a different event and try again. If “Maybe”, either be more broad OR more specific and test again.

What happened?

What you type will appear on your list of sessions.

  1. Think of a person who has troubled you greatly.
  2. Test, “Reveal, is this the person I should work on: Yes, No, Maybe.”
  3. If Yes, write it below. If “No”, think of someone else and try again. If “Maybe”, test to see if it’s more broad (a particular type of person) OR more specific (something that person did or said). If it’s a particular encounter, “A specific event” may be a better choice.

Who is it?

What you type will appear on your list of sessions. Learn more about toxic people.

  1. Think of a situation (on-going or from the past) which troubles you greatly.
  2. Test, “Reveal, is this what I should work on: Yes, No, Maybe.”
  3. If Yes, write it below. If “No”, think of a different one and try again. If “Maybe”, test to see if it’s a more broad situation OR a more specific one. If it’s a single event that occured, “A specific event” may be a better choice.

What is it?

What you type will appear on your list of sessions.

  1. Test, “Reveal the subject I need to do...”

These are based on brain areas. What you select or type will appear on your list of sessions.


(To use tags you must be logged in)

First, we have the most important bit: the subject of your session.

There are four options:

A specific event – to rewire the effect of a past troubling event.

An individual — to rewire the effects of a toxic person.

A situation – to rewire the effects of a long-term negative situation.

My personality – to rewire a personality trait that is not working well.

You use finger-testing to ask your body which of these four options you should work on today. Then you can narrow it down to get the exact subject for your session. We’ll learn more about these options and choosing your subject in the next chapter.

After choosing your subject, there’s an opportunity to ‘tag’ your session. If you were logged in, you could ‘tag’ your session to help you keep track of what you’re working on. I’ll tell you more about this at the end of the tutorial.

Play with it

The box above is not a screenshot, it’s an interactive copy of what’s on the real session page. Only the “Begin session” button is disabled. Play with it and see what happens.

Your session has started!

Once you have chosen your subject and click “Begin session”, you are now “in session”.

The first thing you see is the most important part of every session. It’s the “main menu” of all sessions, and it’s called What do I need now?:

What do I need now?

Test, “Reveal what I need...”

The icon for this menu is a rocket, because it launches you into every part of the therapy.

Yes, from here you can get to everything in our therapy with just one or two clicks:

  • Every technique,
  • Every method,
  • Every feature

Let’s introduce you to each part of What do I need now?.

Test, “Reveal what I need...”

This text, with the little hand icon , means you must ask your body to choose from the following options using Finger-Testing. You’ll say to yourself, “Reveal what I need...” and list each button while testing for a reaction.

Yes, you’ll soon know this colourful list so well, that you’ll be able to choose from it using instinct alone.

The first row

This top row contains two options. They are instructions to help you identify a time in your past, or another person, that has influenced you. I’ll show you how they work in chapters 2.3 and 2.4.

The second row

This second row has categories of powerful techniques. These are designed to help change your thinking (or as we say, to “rewire it”). Because they are techniques, they are represented with the wrench icon: I’ll show you how these techniques work in chapter 2.5.

The third row

This third row contains categories of lists, represented by the list icon and the lists describing toxic people, represented by a skull and crossbones .

These lists help you to identify what you’re thinking or feeling deep down inside – whether you realise it or not! I’ll show you them in chapters 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8.

The last row

And finally, the last row at the bottom allows your body to say it needs something else, (i.e. something not listed above), and allows your body say it wants to end your session.

Yes, that’s right! You body chooses when to end your session!

I’ll explain the “something else” option in chapter 2.9, and how to end a session in chapter 2.10.

We’ll go through each of the above buttons, but it won’t take long. Most of them are self-explanatory. If your body knows what all the above options mean, you’ll be able to choose from them by instinct using Finger-Testing.

The rough way all sessions work

All sessions are just the same process repeating over and over, in a big circle!

  • Step #1 On the What do I need now? menu, my body chooses a category.
  • Step #2 My body chooses something inside that category.
  • Step #3 I use, or do, whatever my body chose.
  • Return to step #1 and repeat.

You keep doing the above, over and over again, until your body chooses “End session”.

It’s not magic and you’re not psychic

Obviously, you can only Finger-Test this menu if you know what all the options mean.

If you don’t know what they do or what they feel like, your body would just make a blind guess when choosing one! It might just pick one randomly because it happens to like the colour of the button, or something.

Yes, you must learn what all these buttons mean, otherwise it won’t work.

What’s next

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at how we start a session.

In the next six short chapters, I’ll quickly show how each part of the session works, and you’ll be able to practice some of it along with me, too!

Chapter review

  • Self-Rewiring is done entirely online, at the session page.
  • You choose the options by instinct, using Finger-Testing.
  • Your body can only choose correctly if you know what the options are first. If you don’t know, or have forgotten, your body will just guess.
  • You choose something, do it, then choose something else, do it, and repeat this process until your body chooses to end the session. That’s how all sessions work.

Play with it

Please go to the session page and play around to get to know it.

When you’ve had enough, please continue the tutorial.