Is it by instinct?

In the previous chapters, you’ve learned what Finger-Testing is, how it can reveal your deepest emotions, and you’ve started training your body to do it. However, how can you tell if your body can do it instinctively yet?

In this chapter I’ll show you how to tell, and what to do if you’re not there yet.


Have you ‘got it’?

Do you think you might be able to Finger-Test by instinct alone?

We’ve already compared it to learning how to drive, and it’s a good comparison. If you’ve been driving for long enough, you instinctively know:

  • Where the pedals are
  • Where the handbrake is
  • Which side has the turn signal
  • ...and many other things

You can sometimes drift into autopilot and frighten yourself by driving home while daydreaming! Why? Because your brain has ‘got it’ a long time ago.

How to tell

How do you know if you’ve ‘got it’ with regards to Finger-Testing? It’s simple:

It’s by asking yourself emotional questions that you don’t consciously know the answer to.

Yes, a question that will have a definite answer, but you have no idea what that answer might be.

If you get an answer via instinct, and that answer sounds about right when you think about it, that means your body may have now ‘got it’.

Questions we can use

Here are two example questions that we’ll use to see if you have ‘got it’ yet. I’ll test these questions myself too.

1. “Reveal who I would ask for directions: Johan, Maria, Musa.”







2. “Reveal who I would trust with a secret: David, Shelly, Margaret.”







I have no idea what the answers to these questions could be. However, there must be an answer. Why?

I must have different feelings about these different options, yes, my body must have stronger feelings about one more than the others. Finger-Testing could easily show me the answer.

If my body answered these questions easily, without hesitation, then it means my body probably did answer from instinct, based on how I feel. Further, if I think about the answers and they seem correct (maybe even obvious), then my Finger-Testing probably is from instinct.

Would you like to know if you have ‘got it’? To know if your Finger-Testing is now by instinct? Please join me as we ask our bodies the above two questions.

Don’t get stressed

You’re about to try Finger-Testing for real, for the first time. This is not an exam. Don’t let it stress you out. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t work, it just means you haven’t done the exercises in the previous chapter enough. And whatever happens, it’s all fun.

So this isn’t a test or exam. You can’t “fail”. If you have done the previous exercises enough, it will work. If you haven’t, just go back and do them again. Going through them a second time is much quicker than the first time!

Try it with me

Join me

Please test along with me. We’re going to ask the question: “Reveal who I would ask for directions: Johan, Maria, Musa.”

Imagine that you are lost in a foreign city, and these are the three nearest people. Who would you ask?

I’ll hide my fingers so my answer does not influence yours. When we’re done, I’ll tell you what my fingers said, and then we’ll talk about how your body answered.

Let’s do it. Please play the video and test along with it.

“Reveal who I would ask for directions: Johan, Maria, Musa.”

If your body does answer, don’t keep asking over and over again, or your body will probably get annoyed and stop giving out answers.

Play this video to see what my body said:

Now let’s try another question...

Join me

Now we’re going to ask the question: “Reveal who I would trust with a secret: David, Shelly, Margaret.”

Again, I’ll hide my fingers so I don’t influence your answer. Please play the video below and test along with me.

“Reveal who I would trust with a secret: David, Shelly, Margaret.”

If your body answers, just accept it. Don’t keep asking over and over again.

How did my body answer? Watch this video to see:

What if your body did not answer?

Did your body not answer? Or was the answer unsure? Or were the answers muddled and contradictory? Did you confuse yourself? Were the answers real at one time, but probably fake another? Well, either:

  • You haven’t trained your body enough yet, or
  • You were too stressed

If you’re too stressed:

  • Drink some water
  • Take a deep breath
  • Shake your arms
  • Try again

However, if you need more practice, read the previous three chapters again, starting with chapter 1.3. You can go through it a lot quicker the second time.

Do your answers make sense?


My body answered that I’d prefer to ask Maria for directions. How did your body answer? Was it the same as me or different?

If I sit and think about it, I realise that Maria is probably the correct answer for me, because to she reminds me of women who work in a busy office and must be well-organised. I imagine that she probably assists people all day, so she might be happy to help me. Johan, on the other hand, looks a bit arrogant to me. I’m not sure he would want to help. As for Musa, there’s a chance he is one of the many new immigrants to my country, so he may not be able to help me with any directions! So, yes, Maria makes sense for me.

Regarding the question of who I would trust with a secret, my body chose David. Why not the other two people?

Well, these are just random people, I don’t know anything about them. So all I can make are assumptions.

Shelly reminds me of glamorous women in American soap operas – where betrayal and back-stabbing is rife, so I couldn’t trust her without knowing more about her. I feel no reason to mistrust Margaret, who looks like a mother-figure. However, as a male myself, I don’t feel that she could relate or empathise with any kind of secret I could have. Therefore, David makes sense as my choice.







If you sit and think about your answers, do they make sense to you?

Does your answer seem incorrect?

Sometimes the answers given by your body seem strange, even totally wrong. This could be because:

  • It is wrong (you are new to this after all).
  • Or it could be because the answer comes from such a deep part of your personality that you don’t realise the truth when you see it.

I remember the first time I got an answer from my body, it was about a very personal issue. The answer seemed totally wrong, so I just wrote it off as a mistake. Then about three months later I thought about it carefully, and realised, “Oh, yes, that was totally right!” Suddenly it seemed obvious.

It’s normal for some answers from your body to seem ‘wrong’ at the time, only to make sense later on.

Whose life to save?

Let’s try another question that is a bit more tricky! “Reveal whose life I would save in an emergency: Leonard, Anna, Amir.” In this situation, you can only choose one person to help!

Here are their photos:







The answer will be interesting!

Again, do it along with me. I’ll hide my fingers so I don’t influence your answer. After, we’ll compare our answers.

Follow along

Please play the video and test along with me. All together now:

“Reveal whose life I would save in an emergency: Leonard, Anna, Amir.”

Did you get an answer? I did. Here’s the video of my answer:

I’m not sure why I chose Anna.

In my imagination, I’m thinking that we’re on a sinking ship, and we’re all at risk of drowning in the cold water. Leonard looks older, whereas the other two have more life ahead of them, so perhaps I feel that Leonard has ‘had his time’.

Maybe I look at Amir and think he’s young and strong, and might be able to save himself by swimming to safety. Anna, on the other hand, reminds me of a young woman I worked with in the past, who was always asking me to carry heavy boxes for her. So my instinct says she would need more help from me than Amir would.

Of course, I could be totally wrong. Anna might be an Olympic swimmer for all I know. But we’re just playing here, so none of this is important. But it is fun.

  • If your body answered, does your answer make sense?
  • Do you know why you answered the way you did?

Who to lend money?

If your body is answering these questions, it may mean you are answering these questions by instinct. Let’s try one last question, using pictures of these people:


Noboru, in Japan


Jan, in the Netherlands


Ben, in France

Our question will be, “Reveal which person I would be most happy to lend money to: Noboru, Jan, Ben.”

Follow along

Again, please play the video and test along with me.

“Reveal which person I would be most happy to lend money to: Noboru, Jan, Ben.”

Did your body answer? This is how my body answered:

Why did I choose Jan?

Well, Noboru is from Japan, and I know that very few Japanese people speak English. I really hate communication problems – and if something went wrong, I wouldn’t even know where to start because of the language barrier!

Jan is Dutch, so probably learned English in school, and I’ve always admired the Netherlands for it’s lack of corruption, so I feel that I’d be protected by law if he didn’t pay me back.

Ben is just a child, and I feel that lending money to a child would be really weird, even inappropriate. Come to think of it, is it even legal?

So Jan is my answer. Yes, I can logically work out why my body answered the way it did. However, my body answered through instinct.

That instinct was based on:

  • My feelings
  • My fears
  • My assumptions
  • My prejudices
  • My hopes
  • My gut instincts

All of the above were mixed together to give me the answer.

Of course, whether Jan is actually trustworthy enough to lend money to is a different matter! For all I know, he could be the biggest fraudster in Holland, and Noboru could be the professor of English Literature at Tokyo University!

Why we’re doing this

Remember, we’re asking these questions to see if your body is answering by instinct yet.

In a Self-Rewiring session we would be asking rather different questions, such as:

  • “Reveal which of these emotions am I feeling” or,
  • “Reveal which technique I need to do”, or
  • “Reveal what time in my childhood I need to look at”.

The questions in this chapter were just to help you learn and practice.

What if you’re not using instict yet?

The reason is only because you did not practice enough.

  • It’s not because there’s anything wrong with you.
  • It’s not because you “need to try harder”.
  • It’s not because you haven’t understood something.

It could be because you’re too stressed. Don’t take it so seriously!

Most likely, however, it’s because you need to go through the training again. It’s much quicker the second time around, and ever quicker the third.

If your body has ‘got it’

If you think your body has started to answer by instinct, good for you! The more you use it, the easier it will become.

What’s next

Continue to Part Two of this tutorial, and I’ll show you how to use Finger-Testing to perform Self-Rewiring sessions. Yes, soon you’ll be performing your first session, helping yourself to ‘grow out’ of your emotional issues.

Chapter review

  • You know Finger-Testing works when you get unexpected answers to questions you can’t predict the answer to.
  • Getting unexpected answers means they’re coming from deep down inside, instinctively.
  • Not there yet? Just repeat the exercises.