What is Finger-Testing?

Everything we feel and think is reflected in our body. We’ve all had “butterflies in the stomach” when anxious, or felt our legs go weak when frightened. In Self-Rewiring, we use these signals to learn about how we feel and to direct our therapy. To read the signals, we use a method we call Finger-Testing.

This chapter and those afterwards will teach you the Finger-Testing skill.

Finger-Testing gives you answers

Finger-Testing is the main way we perform our therapy. Would you like to see what it looks like?

Please play the video below to see me demonstrate it. Then I will explain what’s happening.

What is happening in the video?

What you're seeing here is a learned instinct. When my body has an emotional reaction to an idea or even a single word, I've trained my fingers to instinctively react.

In the above video, I am asking myself a personal question with three possible answers:

  • Answer 1
  • Answer 2
  • Answer 3

My body instinctively reacted on answer 2 by letting my thumb escape. This reaction lets me know that answer 2 is correct.

The question could be about anything. I could be asking which of three colours I like. I could be asking which of three people I like! I could even be asking a yes-or-no question, by listing three options such as “Yes, No, or Maybe”. I’ll show you a real-life example in a moment.

Notice that I called it a “learned instinct”. What is a learned instinct?

Can you drive?


If you can drive, you've already deliberately learned several new instincts.

For example, if a car in front of you suddenly brakes, what do you do? You instinctively hit the brakes!

Were you born with this reaction? Hardly! To brake, you must lift up your right foot, move it to the left, and press it down. Again, were you born with that reaction? Is there a gene encoded in your DNA that says, “when in danger, move your right foot up, move it to the left, and press it down”? Hardly!

No, you learned that instinct! In a similar way, you can teach yourself Finger-Testing as an instinct. When feeling something is true, you will learn to instinctively react by moving your fingers.

A real-life example

For example, here are three of my colleagues:







I really enjoy spending time with all my colleagues. However, I'd like to know which person I feel I can trust the most. I can ask my body to tell me using the instinctive response of my fingers! How do I do this, exactly?

First, I say to my body, “Reveal which person I feel I can trust the most...”

  • Then I say “Jaques” and see if my fingers react...
  • Then I say “Mark” and see if my fingers react...
  • Finally, I say “Mei” to see if my fingers react.

Here’s what it looks like:

Here, my fingers reacted on “Mei” by allowing my thumb to escape. Why? I have trained my body to instinctively react to what is true, via my fingers. So the answer is: I feel I can trust Mei the most.

That’s how Finger-Testing works. Your body and mind are trained to reveal deep feelings via your fingers.

If that sounds strange, just remember this: Millions of people have trained their body and mind to instinctively move their foot when seeing a danger on the road. This is similar.

The answers reveal deep truths

The answers your body gives via instinct are often very different from the answers you may expect, yes, you may be surprised! For example, I thought I trusted Jaques the most, but my body tells me that deep down, in my gut, Mei is really the person I trust the most.

What if I trusted two of them equally? Then the fingers should react on both people.

I could ask lots of different questions, such as:

  • Who do I truly feel is the least trustworthy?
  • Who do I feel the most jealous of?
  • Who do I feel the most intimidated by?
  • Who do I like the most?

I can ask any question, and my body is trained to instinctively reveal the truth via my fingers.

Yes, because I’m getting answers from my body’s instincts, I am accessing feelings and thoughts from the deepest parts of my personality. I am also getting these answers very quickly.


One man had been through years of psychotherapy, making slow progress. However, after he completed his first Self-Rewiring session using Finger-Testing, he was amazed at how quickly he could learn about how he feels, deep down inside. He said:

“I’ve learned more in one session of this therapy, than in months with my therapist”!

You too can learn this instinct – many people have! You can get your body to answer all kinds of emotional questions, revealing how you feel from the deepest part of your personality.

Would you like to learn it too? In the next chapter, I’ll teach you how to do it.

Chapter review

  • Finger-testing is a learned instinct.
  • We have all learned new instincts, such as when learning to drive.
  • You can use the learned instinct of Finger-Testing to reveal how you feel.