Welcome to Self-Rewiring

What is Self-Rewiring therapy?

Self-Rewiring is an emotional therapy that you can do upon yourself, at home. It’s called Self-Rewiring because we believe it helps you to “rewire”, or change, emotional blocks that prevent healing.

  • It combines several effective therapeutic approaches together into one.
  • It’s provided without charge.
  • It’s entirely online.

This tutorial teaches you how to perform sessions upon yourself, guided by the software here at this website.


What does it do?

Self-Rewiring helps you to “grow out” of things, to overcome emotional problems that would never normally change by themselves.

Yes, it is designed remove blocks to healing naturally.

You look at four things:

  1. Past events
  2. The influence of toxic people
  3. Past or on-going situations
  4. Your own personality

Then, via various techniques, it gently guides you to think and feel differently about these things. These blocks in your mind are then overcome, allowing you to gradually grow out of your issues, naturally, at your own pace.


How does it work?

Self-Rewiring doesn’t use philosophy or psychological theories. Instead, it uses the signals transmitted by your body.

Your body is a transmitter. Yes, your body unconsciously transmits all kinds of subtle physical reactions in response to every word you hear, every image you see, and every thought you have.

Self-Rewiring teaches you how to read these signals, and these signals guide your therapy sessions. They reveal your deepest feelings, thoughts, and desires. They show your true personality and your deepest motivations.

Through them you can learn:

  • What blocks are stopping you from growing out of your issue(s)
  • How to overcome those blocks

What does it feel like?

Since Self-Rewiring just removes the blocks stopping you from growing out of something naturally, it feels just like growing up.

Children often have a favourite toy. However, as they grow up, they play with that toy less and less, until one day, it is never touched again. Years later, the now-grown adult may throw away the toy without a thought.

Self-Rewiring works in a similar way, as each block is removed you gradually “grow out” of your issues. Progress is slow at first, but as more and more blocks are removed, things do begin to change.

Eventually the issues become less important and eventually disappear completely and are forgotten.

Self-Rewiring can...

  • Help you grow out of emotional issues.
  • Help you to become more emotionally mature.
  • Help you to forget the past.

Self-Rewiring cannot...

  • Treat physical diseases, fatigue, or allergies.
  • Treat depression with a biological cause.
  • Treat serious mental disorders.

Self-Rewiring helps you to change the person you are – not medical conditions you have.

What is Self-Rewiring not?

Some therapies are strange, pseudoscientific, or even pseudo-spiritual. Some are just scams. Self-Rewiring is completely different.

  • Self-Rewiring is not just another kind of psychotherapy.
  • Self-Rewiring does not include any spiritual, religious, or new age philosophies.
  • Self-Rewiring does not use alternative or complementary medicine such as applied kinesiology, chakras, or energy healing.

Self-Rewiring is available for no charge. You do not need to pay anything.

Self-Rewiring is a serious therapy based on evidence, logic, and reason.

Chapter review

  • Self-Rewiring is a free self-therapy you do at home.
  • It uses your body’s own ‘transmissions’ that show how you feel, deep down inside.
  • It helps you to ‘grow out’ of personal issues at your own pace by removing emotional blocks to your own natural healing.

Please continue to the first chapter to learn how it works.

This tutorial is written with British spelling (e.g. colour, sceptical, realise, organise).