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Recent updates

10th February – New “Sessions per month” chart added. New home page.

15th November – Perform sessions offline on your iPhone or iPad with the Offline Sessions Web App. Also, lists of suggestions have been added to the Sensory techniques.

6th November – Self-Rewiring has signed A Contract for the Web – a commitment to user privacy.

5th November – Perform sessions with speech recognition. This technology only works in Google Chrome for PC/Mac and Android. See a demo video.

10th October – Additional charts added to the ‘My Sessions’ page. Small layout improvements for mobiles. The drop-down list of tags now lists the number of sessions using each tag. Bugfixes.

7th October – Typos on tutorial fixed.

7th June – New article added, Depression can be cured.

15th April – A new technique, Imagine a scene, has been added to the Visual category.

14th April – Added touch-screen gestures to the session page:

  • Swipe right to open overview.*
  • Swipe left to close overview.
  • Swipe down with two fingers to add a new note.

* Don’t swipe from your screen edge, or your browser will interpret that as a “go back” command.