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Recent changes

19th August 2019 — New list added to Desires: “My Self-Indulgence”. New technique added to Visual: “Make it absurd”. Also several things have been removed: “Cultural expectations”, “Replace this age”, “Replace this person”, and “Replace something”. The tutorial will be updated to reflect these changes soon.

30th July 2019 — You can now apply/unapply tags at both the start, and at the end, of new sessions.

23rd July 2019 — The new Toxic People lists have been tidied up. More fears have been added to the “I fear...” list. You can now edit planned sessions. Also, the terms and conditions have been updated.

7th July 2019 — You can now view this website in “Night mode” or “Sepia mode”. Scroll to the bottom of any page to see these options.

1st July 2019 — More changes to sessions:

A new button: Toxic People. It contains four lists covering (1) their effects upon others, (2) their traits/actions, (3) defences against them, and (4) antidotes to them. See the tutorial for more.

To make room, Emotions has been moved into the “Feelings” menu. It’s now called “Emotions chart”.

Also, you can now expand/collapse your lists of sessions on your “My sessions” page.

7th June 2019 — All lists now have a box into which you can type your own personal interpretation.

6th June 2019 — The Emotions technique has been simplified.

5th June 2019 — Unfinished sessions will now be listed at the top of the My sessions page.

1st June 2019 — You are now encouraged to plan your sessions in advance. A new feature on the My sessions page allows you to do this. You should list there every negative influence on your life that you can remember. Take a look or see the explanation in the tutorial.

11th May 2019 — Tags’ goals have been removed. A new “Notes” area has been added. Self-Rewiring is now carbon neutral.

10th May 2019 — The best way to use Self-Rewiring is now better understood. Sessions should aim to remove blocks to healing naturally – and should not attack an issue directly.

When starting a new session you are now prompted to rewire one of the following:

  1. A past event
  2. An individual (especially a toxic person)
  3. A situation (negative, long-term)
  4. A personality trait (based on the brain areas)

For more info, see the diagram and/or the updated tutorial.

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