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Recent updates

21st March 2019 — New article: How to overcome bad memories.

20th February 2019 — “Specific event” added when starting a new session. The six “body personality traits” have been dropped. See the article The 2018/19 Changes to Self-Rewiring for more information. The depression article has been updated to list the common biological causes of depression.

10th February 2019 – New “Sessions per month” chart added. New home page.

15th November 2018 – Added the Offline Sessions Web App for iOS.

6th November 2018 – Self-Rewiring has signed a commitment to user privacy.

5th November 2018 – Speech recognition added to the session page for Google Chrome users.

10th October 2018 – Additional charts added to the ‘My Sessions’ page.

15th April 2018 – A new technique, Imagine a scene, has been added to the Visual category.

14th April 2018 – Added touch-screen gestures to the session page.