This page contains the Offline Sessions Web App for iPhone and iPad.

To install this web app, please add it to your iPhone or iPad home screen.

Instructions (for Safari)

  1. Tap the share button in your browser. It looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards.
  2. Scroll to the right until you find the button titled “Add to Home Screen”.
  3. Tap it and add it to your home screen.
  4. Launch the web app from your home screen at least once.
  5. From now on, the web app should work when you are offline.

The web app will automatically check for updates whenever you launch it while you have an Internet connection.


Session overview

Touch-screen gestures

  • Swipe right to open overview.
  • Swipe left to close overview.
  • Swipe down with two fingers to add a new note.
  • “[Name of button]”
  • “[Name of label]”
  • “Back”
  • “Add a note”
  • “Type [my text]”
  • “Delete text”
  • “Delete word”
  • “Next/Previous box”
  • “Stop typing”
  • “Scroll up/down”
  • “Scroll to top”
  • “Mark [words]”
  • “Remove mark on [words]”
  • “Show/Hide overview”
  • “Save changes”
  • “Stop flashing”
  • “Stop listening”

Speech recognition help

  • Speech recognition allows you to perform your sessions using voice commands.
  • It is only supported by Google Chrome for PC/Mac and Android.
  • The speech recognition is performed by Google for no charge. There is no guarantee that this free service will remain free in the future.
How to start
  • Click “ Enable speech recognition”.
  • Speak clearly.
For the best experience
  • Remove background noise.
  • Use a microphone or a headset with a microphone (pictured).
  • Just say part of the button or label you want:
    • For example, say “My thinking” instead of “My thinking & behaviour for reward”.
    • The longer the expression, the more likely the voice recognition will misunderstand you.
How to navigate
  • Say the name of a button (e.g. “End session” or just “End”) to click it.
  • Say the name of a tickbox to tick it, or an option to choose it.
  • Other commands:
    • “Back” or “Go back”
    • “Show overview” and “Hide overview”
    • “Add note”
    • “Stop listening”
    • “Save Changes”
    • “Scroll up” and “Scroll down”
    • “Scroll to top”
  • On the Flashing Light technique you can say “Start” and “Stop”.
How to type text
  • To type, say “Type [my text]”.
  • To stop typing, say “Stop typing” or just move on.
  • Swap between text boxes by saying “Next box” or “Previous box”.
  • Delete the contents of the current text box by saying “Clear text” or “Delete text”.
  • You can get punctuation marks by saying “full stop”, “commar”, “exclamation point”, and “question mark”.
How to mark text
  • To mark, or highlight, text (where applicable) say “Mark [start of sentence]”.
  • To remove a marking, say “Unmark [start of sentence]”.
How to stop
  • Click “Stop listening” or say “Stop listening”.
  • Speak louder.
  • Speak more clearly with gaps between words.
  • Use a proper microphone or headset.
  • If possible, turn up your microphone sensitivity (this should be in the settings for your computer or device).
  • If speech recognition stops responding, stop it and start it again.
  • Because this site uses British spelling, it works best with a standard British accent.
Data usage
  • Your voice data must be sent over the Internet which may incur data usage charges.
Privacy and security
  • Your voice data is sent by your web browser via HTTPS to 3rd party servers where the recognition is performed (for example, if you use Google Chrome, your voice data is sent to Google’s voice recognition servers). A written transcript is then sent back to your web browser where it is used to manipulate the page.
  • Your voice data is never sent to the Self-Rewiring.org server. We have no control over what your browser (and the 3rd party it uses for transcribing) does with your voice data. Your browser and/or the 3rd party service may save your voice data and/or transcripts. Consult the terms and conditions of your web browser for more information.

To return to your session, say “Scroll up”.