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What is Self-Rewiring?

It is an emotional therapy which uses the physical reactions of your body to work. Please see our Introduction to Self-Rewiring for more information.

Is it safe?

We don’t see how our therapy could be any more ‘dangerous’ than reading a self-help book found in any library or bookshop.

However, to practice our therapy you must agree to our terms and conditions. If you have a serious mental disorder you can only perform it with the supervision of a licensed medical professional.

How much does Self-Rewiring cost?

Thanks to generous donations it is offered at no cost to you.

Is it a form of Applied Kinesiology?

No. Please see this page.

Is it a form of psychotherapy?

No. Please see this page.

Does it include religious or “new age” philosophies?


Does it use meridians, chakras, past-lives, hypnotism, or mysticism?


Is it a form of “biofeedback” therapy?

While this therapy does use ‘feedback’ from the body (see the tutorial for details), it does not use any of the electronic devices commonly seen in “biofeedback therapy”.


What is Self-Rewiring for?

It is designed to help you to “grow out of” emotional problems by removing emotional blocks to healing naturally.

Can I use Self-Rewiring whilst using other therapies?


However, if you are receiving treatments which affect the brain (e.g. antipsychotics, anti-anxiety medication, antidepressants, etc.) you must perform Self-Rewiring under the supervision of a licenced medical professional.

Can it help physical problems?

No. However, it may help emotional issues which surround those problems.

Are there any known side-effects?


Some people may feel upset or stressed when considering their emotional issues, but these are the normal effects of an emotional therapy, technically they are not side-effects.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on how many emotional blocks you need to remove, so it varies wildly from person to person.

Will Self-Rewiring still work if I was “born this way”?

Perhaps. Many therapies are designed to treat problems in the genes. See this page for more information.

What evidence is there that Self-Rewiring works?

Self-Rewiring only reached it’s present form in 2017, so it is too early to expect published evidence on its effectiveness one way or the other.

However, Self-Rewiring includes many things already researched in the medical literature: (1) body language, and (2) EMDR and EFT, plus (3) visualisation techniques. These typically show good success rates in published studies.

We have simply combined together the most effective techniques in the literature with an experimental form of body language reading, which we call finger-testing.

We are collecting our own data to monitor the effectiveness of our therapy. However it may take many years before we can publish. Since we cannot create a “placebo” version of the therapy, our data will be directly compared with the data on commonly used therapies, such as psychotherapy and various medications.

Can Self-Rewiring help major depression?

Depression appears to be largely a lifestyle disease, very common in developed countries yet almost unknown in traditional societies.

It seems to be caused by too much stress, too much social isolation, a lack of physical exercise, and poor dietary choices. Self-Rewiring could theoretically help depression if you use it to improve these specific areas of your life.

Can Self-Rewiring help serious mental disorders?

Probably not, as things like psychosis, schizophrenia, hallucinations, the hearing of voices, serious paranoia, and so forth, probably have biological causes.

Self-Rewiring is designed to remove emotional blocks to healing, and probably cannot fix malfunctioning biology. However a person with such disorders may also have additional emotional problems, which Self-Rewiring may be able to improve.

About us

Who created Self-Rewiring?

A small group of therapists and patients who were dissatisfied with the poor success rates of psychotherapy and complementary therapies.

What is your policy on personal data?

No cookies or trackers are used. If you log in to your account, some data must be temporarily held in your browser to make the website work, but this is deleted automatically when you log out.

Your account data saved on our server is encrypted, and your password is not stored (a “hash” is used instead). Please see the terms and conditions for details. Also, Self-Rewiring signed the Contract for the Web, a commitment to user privacy.

Are you carbon neutral?

Yes. Please see this page.

When was Self-Rewiring created?

It began in 2007, and has been continuously developed and improved ever since. See the bottom of the login page for the latest updates.

How is Self-Rewiring financed?

Entirely on voluntary donations. Please get in touch if you wish to donate.

How can I contact you?

Please see the contact us page.