Can we help depression?

Depressed man.

Most people who stumble upon Self-Rewiring therapy are looking for help with their depression, anxiety, suicidal feelings, or other mental heath problems. Can Self-Rewiring cure these problems?


Why not? These problems have mostly a physical, biological, cause.

Over the past 60 years the evidence has grown and grown that such issues have real, measurable, biological causes in hormones, nutrition, and genetics. Further, these can be improved (or even removed) with medications, dietary changes, and/or nutritional therapies.

But what about my horrible childhood?

Sure, a bad upbringing or traumatic past experiences do indeed make depression worse, but they are rarely the cause.

Biology can make “emotional molehills” into “emotional mountains”, as minor problems become exaggerated in your mind. Further, if you really do have “emotional mountains” in your mind (for example, from suffering severe abuse), biology can turn these into “emotional mountain ranges”!

Self-Rewiring is for changing your personality. It cannot remove biolgical problems, therefore it is unlikely to help depression very much, although it may help a minority of patients.

The causes of depression

The Walsh Institute has the largest blood sample database of depressed patients on the planet (over 30,000 patients). According to their research, most depressed people test positively for one or more of these common biological conditions:

  • Under-methylation
  • Over-methylation
  • Copper overload
  • Folate deficiency (or overload)
  • Pyrrole Disorder (aka Pyrrolura)
  • Toxic Metal overload
  • EPA, DHA, and/or AA deficiency
  • Plus others...

Depression is a real biological disease. And it can be treated. It is not merely a matter of “thinking incorrectly”.

Resources for recovery

It is possible to improve (or even, in some people, cure) depression, anxiety, suicidal feelings, OCD, and even very serious mental disorders with the right information and help. Much of the latest cutting-edge treatments are unknown to most doctors and psychiatrists who only know what they were taught years ago in school.

It is up to you to research these new treatments yourself and then work along with your doctor, psychiatrist, or other qualified medical practitioner.

The following resources specialise in treating mental disorders by combining medications with cutting-edge nutrient-based therapies, or even just via nutrients alone.


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