Changes to Self-Rewiring

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In 2018 and 2019, further changes to our therapy were made:

  1. A new technique was added.
  2. Speech recognition was added (Google Chrome only).
  3. “Body personality traits” were dropped.
  4. Rewiring specific events was added.
  5. Rewiring individuals and situations was added.
  6. Emphasis is now on rewiring blocks to healing naturally rather than attacking problems directly.
  7. Tag goals removed.
  8. Personal notes area added.

See also the changes from 2017.

1. A new technique

In April 2018 a new visual technique, Imagine a scene, was added.

This new technique allows you to imagine a past, present, or possible future scene, and play it out in your mind.

It was added because there was no techinque which allowed a completely free-form use of the imagination.

So far this new technique has proved popular.

2. Speech recognition

In November 2018 the ability to perform sessions entirely using speech recognition was added.

As of writing, this feature is only supported by the Google Chrome browser. If available, a link saying “Enable speech recognition” will appear at the bottom of the session page.

It works best when you have a proper headset and microphone to minimise any background noise. It is also optimised to work with a British English accent, however American accents work well too.

When enabled, scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of all the possible speech commands.

To stop the speech recognition, say “stop listening”.

3. “Body personality traits” were dropped

In February 2019 the six “body personality traits” were dropped for lack of use.

These were suggested subjects for sessions, based on the observations of physiologists and massage therapists who observed specific personality traits and muscle strength patterns in their patients.

According to our volunteers who were surveyed, these subjects were used in less than 1% of sessions. Therefore it was felt that teaching everyone about them was a poor use of time.

They have been removed from the session page and tutorial. If someone still wishes to use a body personality trait for their session, they can enter it manually into the “Something else” box when starting a session.

Descriptions of the body personality traits can still be found here.

4. Rewiring specific events was added

Also in February 2019, when starting a session, you are now prompted to choose between performing a session on a brain area or on a “specific event” from your past.

These past events are times that you go over and over again in your mind. For example, an argument you had 20 years ago, or a time when you were humiliated or insulted.

Such specific past events help to form who we are today, and why we have the unwanted thoughts, feelings, and desires that may bug us continuously. Rewiring the effects of these events helps us to be the person we want to be — without the influence of these past troubles.

5. Rewiring individuals and situations was added

In May 2019 the way you choose a subject for sessions was changed.

In addition to the “specific event” (see above) more categories were added. Now when starting a session, you are prompted to rewire one of four things:

  1. A specific event (bad memories)
  2. An individual (especially toxic persons)
  3. A situation (a negative long-term situation)
  4. A personality trait (based on the brain areas)

Here is what starting a session now looks like. Note the four tabs.

6. Rewiring the blocks to healing, not the problems themselves

Further in May 2019, the above change (number 5) was part of a wider strategy to change how Self-Rewiring is used.

Rather than concentrating on rewiring problems and brain areas, the strategy is now to rewire emotional blocks in your mind that prevent you from healing naturally. Rewiring an emotional problem directly tends to mostly change how you feel about having that problem rather than removing the problem itself. Instead we wish to remove the blocks that have prevented you from growing out of that problem already.

As those emotional blocks are removed one-by-one, you will gradually grow out of your issues at your own natural pace.

This is further explained in lessons 0.1 and 2.2 of the tutorial which have been updated to reflect this change.

Here’s an excerpt from lesson 2.2:

Don’t attack the problem itself!

The quickest, easiest, and best way to treat an emotional problem is not to attack the problem directly. Instead we attack the reasons why you haven’t grown out of it or overcome it naturally.

The human mind is great at “getting over” problems and mistakes. You can “overcome” or “grow out of” all sorts of problems. Most people will naturally grow out of all kinds of fears, anxieties, obsessions, and other problems with time. A problem that seemed huge at age 16 may seem trival by the time you’re age 60.

The real problem is that we have blocks that stop us from growing out of our emotional problems. Self-Rewiring works best when used to remove the blocks to growing out of problems naturally.

Once the blocks are removed you will gradually and naturally grow out of your emotional problems in your own way and at your own pace. Your brain knows how to grow out of a problem better than anyone else, better than any therapy or therapist.

That’s the correct way to use Self-Rewiring. Attack the blocks to healing, not the problems themselves.

It is also explained in this graphic:

Blocks that stop you growing out of emotional problems. Specific events:
Past insults, traumas, or any memory that will not go away. Some events may be forgotten but still influence you. Individuals:
The influence of a person, particularly a toxic person or someone displaying toxic traits. Situations:
Something that is still on-going or was on-going for a long time. It can be the situation at home, school, or somewhere else. My personality:
Your innate personality, partly genetic in origin, may make it more difficult to cope with various situations in life.

This change means the brain areas are no longer the most prominent thing we rewire in sessions. Now it is equally spread among troublesome (1) past events, (2) people, (3) situations and (4) personality traits. This last item, the personality traits, is still based on the brain areas.

7. Tag goals removed

Tags are still here, and are a vitally important feature. However, the ability to add a “goal” for the number of times you wish to use a specific tag has been removed. It involved people asking their bodies to effectively “predict the future” or take a wild guess as to how many sessions would be required on a particular topic. This never worked, as it is impossible. Also it added a level of complication to something that should be straightforward – creating tags.

The tutorial has been updated to reflect this change.

8. Personal notes area added

On the My Sessions page there is a now a “Notes” area where you can type personal notes for your own reference, such as suggestions as to what you want to rewire in the future. Like everything in your account, these notes are securely encrypted in our database, partly using your own password as the encryption key.

Any further major changes to our therapy in 2019 will be added here.