The 2017 changes to Self-Rewiring

A young woman looks intently at something on her iPad.

In 2017, our therapy was changed:

  1. Sessions were redesigned.
  2. Unique terminology was dropped.
  3. A new tutorial was written.
  4. Courses were dropped and tags were added.
  5. A new website was built.

See also the changes for 2018/19.

1. Sessions redesigned

The way we perform sessions completely changed. For example, here is the “What do I need now?” menu before the change:

And here is what it looks like now:

What do I need now?

Test, “Reveal what I need...”

All the buttons were reorganised. You can get to every part of the therapy with just two clicks. The separate ‘Techniques’ menu was removed.

Also, many techniques that were rarely used were removed. Others were merged together. For example, the 20 Senses techniques were merged into just 2. The rest were simplified and rewritten.

Finally, instructions were added directly into the session page. They say how to perform each technique – so you don’t need to exit your session and look at the tutorial again.

2. Terminology dropped

Our therapy had some confusing and unique terminology that had to be learned and remembered. All of these terms have gone. They were replaced with simpler terms. For example:

Indicate which...” has become “Reveal which...”

“Are your fingers indicating?” has become “Are your fingers reacting?”

3. New tutorial

The tutorial had to be rewritten anyway because of the changes to sessions. However, the tutorial now teaches Finger-Testing in a completely new way that most people find easier and quicker.

In the new tutorial, you follow-along many short videos to train your brain how it should work (see example video above). Then, later, once your brain has “got it” you follow along with other videos that are designed to see if your body is reacting from instinct yet.

Also, the new tutorial is written in simplified English to help non-native speakers.

4. Goodbye courses, hello tags

In the past the website required you to create a “course” on a particular topic, which you then completed by performing a certain number of sessions. Many people found this confusing. Also, it made it difficult to see your progress chronologically since your sessions were grouped by course, not listed by date.

Courses are now gone. Instead, you can label your sessions with different “tags”. And all of your saved sessions are simply shown in one big list, ordered by date.

You can apply multiple tags to a single session. For example, if your session touches on your fear of spiders and love of doughnuts, you may want to add two tags: Spiders Doughnuts.

5. New website

The old website had a dull pastel-like colour scheme, an unfriendly-looking font, and much of the text was hard to understand for non-native speakers of English.

This has been replaced with bright, vivid, colours, and a softer font with a larger size. All text has been rewritten to be simplified and easy-to-understand.

Technically, the old website was built in an outdated and slow computing language, and hosted on an expensive hosting platform. This was entirely rewritten from the ground up in a new computing language, and moved to a faster and cheaper hosting provider. Costs have reduced 75%.

Some parts of the website now take 90% less time to load.

It also requires much less bandwidth, potentially saving you money if accessed over the cellular network.

Meet the new session page

If you only knew Self-Rewiring during or before 2016, your body won’t understand the 2017 changes. Please play with the new session page and get familiar with it before you dive back into a session. Alternatively, read the example session.

You may need to re-register

If you haven’t logged in to the new site before, you will need to re-register as the data from the old site could not be moved over to the new one.

Your old sessions

In accordance with the privacy and security clauses of the terms and conditions all sessions saved on the old website were permanently deleted, even from backups.