Self-Rewiring is carbon-neutral

Windmills pays to support the planting of trees and other projects to offset our carbon emissions.

Beginning in 2019, this site will regularly offset the estimated...

  • CO2 generated by this websites’ server.
  • CO2 generated by visitors’ own devices when using this website.

We offset the CO2 emissions by paying to support projects run by, including:

  • Tree planting
  • Efficient cookstoves
  • Renewable energy

These projects do more than just reduce CO2 emissions, they also reduce the output of general pollutants, reduces or prevents environmental destruction, and preserves or expands wildlife habitats. See a full list of their projects.


This certificate awards for its first offset tonne of CO2:

This is our first offset tonne. More will be offset in the future on a regular basis.

An environmentally friendly therapy

Self-Rewiring is already far more environmentally friendly than other therapies. How so?

Traditional therapies usually involves a lot of travel (usually by car), the renting and heating of office space, and so on. All of this is energy intensive. Self-Rewiring, on the other hand, is entirely online, and therefore has a significantly lower carbon footprint per session than traditional therapies.

And now, Self-Rewiring is entirely carbon neutral.

Don’t know our therapy yet? Learn it from our free online tutorial.