Is Self-Rewiring a form of Applied Kinesiology?

An applied kinesiologist performing muscle-testing.

When people first see our therapy, some ask if it’s a form of Applied Kinesiology (AK). Is it?

No, Self-Rewiring is not a form of Applied Kinesiology. While we do use something derived from muscle-testing (which we call “Finger-Testing”), on the whole our therapy is too different.

Consider just four differences:

1. Physical illnesses

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is commonly used to diagnose food allergies and illnesses; and even to prescribe medications and food supplements. However, Self-Rewiring doesn’t deal with physical illness in any way.

Artistic representation of meditation.

2. Ideas and influences

Many forms of AK contain ideas which come from spiritual beliefs — not science.

For example, many source ideas from eastern mysticism, shamanism, and Ayurvedic medicine. Many also incorporate techniques related to meridians, chakras, auras, and occasionally even crystal healing, faith healing, and hypnotism.

A few say they can delve into your “past lives”, communicate with your dead relatives, or choose which planets to include in your horoscope.

You will not find anything like this in Self-Rewiring, but most forms of AK do include things like these.

3. “Energy”

How the therapies claim to work also differs. In AK they talk about working with your body’s “energy”, and correcting “imbalances” of this “energy”. Yet in Self-Rewiring we only talk of emotions and beliefs, while trying to help you “grow out” of old ways of thinking.

4. Answers from “the universe”

Finally, we disagree on where the body’s answers are coming from. Many believe that such answers are coming from “the universe”, and are thus always true and impartial facts.

In contrast, Self-Rewiring teaches that your body can only reveal what you feel, believe and are willing to believe. We say it cannot reveal information it could not possibly know. Anything beyond this is probably just the body’s own guesswork.

Not Applied Kinesiology

Due to these and many other differences, we don't class Self-Rewiring as a form of Applied Kinesiology.

Self-Rewiring is a very scientific therapy. Improvements are constantly being researched, based on experimentation, published evidence, and reason. Nothing is based on tradition, magic, spiritism, or belief.

Anyone can learn how to do our therapy. Please see our free tutorial.

Very different

Below are some randomly chosen techniques from a popular Applied Kinesiology workbook.

  • Cross Patterning: a technique for helping the two halves of your brain “work in harmony”.
  • Transformational Essences: bottled scents which are supposed to have ‘energetic’ effects.
  • Meridians: a technique to ‘unblock’ or ‘correct’ flows of ‘energy’.
  • Polarised Balance: a technique to fix an alleged ‘unbalanced energy flow’ through your nostrils.
  • Chakras: a technique for ‘unblocking energy’ in certain areas of your body, based on Hindu and Buddhist teachings.

We’re not listing these techniques to criticise those who practice them. It’s just to point out that you’ll never see anything like these in Self-Rewiring. Anyone can see what our therapy is all about from our free tutorial.